06 Mar 2017
Yr 10 Sport Science trip – Bath University

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Bath Uni Trip Bath Uni Trip Bath Uni Trip

Mr Pettifer and Mr Huelin recently took the Yr 10 GCSE PE students to Bath University for an introduction to Sport Science from one of the top Exercise Physiologists in the country at one of the leading sport science departments in the country.
The boys were given a detailed tour of the Sports Village and National Sports Centre and all other areas of the University. They were lucky enough to see the British Swim Team being put through some analysis and training in the state of the art swimming pool, using underwater cameras to provide real time feedback.
They were then taken into the lab and two boys were given a VO2 max test, while the others were talked through what was happening and analysed the whole experience, using the methods they study, in real time experimentation. Another two were tested for Power using a Wingate test, and results were analysed and compared to each other and Olympic standard athletic data.
After the lab testing was over, they received a short but very insightful lecture into what the data meant and what the University Sport Science department do on a day to day basis and how much their research and testing affects all sports people on a daily basis. For example, all Lucozade products are tested for effectiveness in sporting performance, at Bath University.
Other aspects of Sport study and the courses that are on offer were also discussed and the Yr 10 students left with a lot to think about.
It was a very enjoyable day for the staff and students alike. The staff at the University were very impressed with our students understanding and ability to formulate questions, as well as the general behaviour.
We will hopefully be repeating this trip next year.